Attraction and Arousal

When the transition from a blue pill mindset to the red pill occurs, men’s views on inter-gender dynamic shifts from one of illusion to actuality. With the knowledge acquired about women’s dual sexual nature, men now grasp the difference between what it is to be attractive and what it is to be arousing. This can be easily explained in the much understood Alpha Fucks/Beta Bux dichotomy. In this particular context, attraction encapsulates the qualities that are beneficial to women in the long term as a provider. Men who satisfy the beta bux side of the equation typically have the ability to provide for a family, ensure stability (both emotional and financial), has an overinflated level of respect for women and their imperative, understanding and are generally nice guys. Counter to this are those men who evoke feelings of detachment and instability; they are looked at as the fleeting thrills a woman enjoys before she settles down with the attractive man. They are typically dominant, good looking (though not always), narcissistic and utilizes the dark arts in their favor. A man can be both attractive and arousing, however, most women tend to have a binary perspective on sexual market players and will thus categorize men accordingly. This is especially relevant in countries where Hypergamy is open and even embraced in the culture – similar to that of the U.S. and European countries.

Following a woman’s initial introduction and analysis of a man, she quickly categories him into  either two of the aforementioned groups which would alter her behavior for the rest of the relationship. “I’d never sleep with a guy on the first date if he is relationship material”, is a quote that is spewed by many women when it comes to dealing with those they find attractive or arousing. I have heard beautiful women say this to me in conversation and it is not limited to a specific appearance but rather the general female population. Both attractive and unattractive, women share this belief because they exist within a society that has accepted their dual nature while supplying men to satisfy both biological needs. In a properly functioning society where women are held accountable for their actions and are chastised for prioritizing their feral nature, this belief would not be shared, at least not openly. Though Islamic countries do not experience most of the joys Westerners do, when it comes to the sexual dynamic they have not and will not allow open hypergamy to take its place on a societal level. As a result, women are forced to live in the boxes men create for them and any alterations could mean fatal punishments.

In Western culture, one of their main issues men face because of feminine-primary brainwashing, is the belief that what makes a man attractive also makes him arousing. This is  also an ideology shared amongst most blue pill men who believe in what women say they are aroused by. The problem with asking women this question is that the man she frames in her mind is a default alpha who she wishes to tame. The traits that she calls out are those she wishes the arousing man can also possess to satisfy her alpha/beta desires which would benefit her both short and long term. This mindset, ’the alpha with a side of beta’ is truly what women desire to have in a man but it fails at its inception because an alpha male cannot also be a beta male, especially in the mind of a woman. Men who attempt to satisfy by playing both sides of the coin are bound to fail because for each beta trait that is shown, authenticity is questioned until the man reaches a point where he is deemed as an inauthentic alpha male, or simply a beta male. In most women’s eyes, an alpha is born not created, and if they find out they are being deceived, your existence in their eyes will quickly disappear. The toil and hard work of becoming a more dominant man should not be advertised because an alpha cannot be created. If you became an alpha through hard work, you are inauthentic in her eyes and she will show contempt to you for trying to cheat the sexual marketplace. This is why there is no ‘alpha with a side of beta’, because in being fluid, she sees you as not being who you truly are and she will not dare entertain the thought of being with a man who is not genuine.

Arousal and attraction in the eyes of a woman is a battle between her primal nature and that of the mind. Primal nature will always extend towards an arousing man but a smart woman will choose an attractive man as to ensure her long-term well being. A cunning woman however, will mingle amongst those arousing until her expiry date when an attractive man becomes the priority.




There comes a time in every man’s life where he goes about his existence just as he was conditioned to. Conditioning is a very interesting concept because the thoughts that are attached to it. Even in the manosphere we frown upon anything thats closely related to the word conditioning because of our, previous beta-conditioning. However, regardless of our thoughts, it is and will continue to be a critical aspect of our lives because it influences all behavior. My personal belief is founded in understanding that we cannot be truly and completely free because we were created to be a slave to something or someone. The universe connects everyone and everything together, what you do will have an affect on someone or something either directly and/or indirectly. Ironically, Buddhism touches on this connection whilst cultivating a mindset of never growing attached. To be completely free would mean disconnecting ourselves with things that affect us, which is humanly impossible. If you’re religious, this concept would be easily swallowed because with the existence of God and Devil, everything you do will fall into the categories of serving either master. This slave concept, even if you do not believe in a higher power, is seen with matters of the carnal, both mental and physical. If we look back at the decisions made throughout our lives, we see that it was based on pure physical and mental needs/wants or restrictions. I think what must be noted is that we are against false conditioning, which is conditioning that is not founded on truth but rather lies. In the act of alpha-ing up and cultivating a more masculine mindset, we recondition our mind but we see no fault in it because its foundation lays in truth.

Plugged and Loved

The disturbing yet interesting thing about being conditioned is the personal belief that you’re in control of your life. However, Red Pillers (RPers) know that being born post 1950 automatically puts men at an extreme disadvantage with regards to living life in a masculine way and this directly affects our relationships with women, colleagues and our natural way of thinking. In drawing attention to my personal ‘conversion’ experience, a year ago I was living my life the way I was subconsciously taught how to. Being 20 at the time, I was already in the mindset of taking myself off of the SMP by being in a monogamous relationship with eyes set on LTR going into marriage. Growing up in a christian home, this was the way the church outlined life with regards to relationships. My father, though being a strong evangelical christian has always lived life with Red Pill binoculars when dealing with women and because of this, though I was very much beta in understanding women, I was still exposed to certain truths. Not wanting to get into petty details, there was a girl in my life that played a key role in me seeing the truth. I knew and liked her since the age of 12 and when we reconnected in 2014 she was already in a monogamous relationship with the “asshole” archetype. I decided to do the ‘correct’ thing and express my extreme feelings towards her when we began talking again and played the waiting game. Before many of you come to your conclusions, I must note that though I was beta, I had some degree of game and was not a complete emotional tampon. Long story short, I pursued until they finally broke up and was able to have a small level of sexual relations with her until I didn’t feel the connection anymore and simply let it go.

During those 8 months of pursuing, she introduced me to a number of people, one of which would later on show me the path to the Red Pill. At that time I was personally delving into the topic of masculinity and was reading a few sites like the Art of Manliness. Being opened to sites like these gave me some perspective but I wanted to know more. Some time went by and the aforementioned friend and I had a conversation via Facebook on marriage and it occurred to me that his beliefs were very much against the societal norm. From that initial conversation, we were able to cultivate a mutual friendship and he began to introduce me to Red Pill concepts through the use of sites such as TheRationalMale, ReturnOfKings and RooshV.


When faced with statements and opinions that are alien and go against many of your fundamental beliefs, it unsettles you. Your first instinct is to resist and begin to rationalize why your beliefs are what they are and going back into the idea of conditioning, if all you know has been X, Y seems hostile and very incorrect, almost morally perverse. Rollo’s article on unplugging really struck home because it clearly identified the stages I was going through. Looking at things from an objective standpoint, it seemed very rational but when your ego investments are questioned, you still have doubt lingering after every comment. Three months after hesitantly swallowing the Red Pill and observing social dynamics, it became undeniable that the philosophy exposed many truths. I began to notice how females manipulated men with their feigned interest and how they were placed on a pedestal by society. Looking beyond women individually, I began to see how society as a whole altered their way of thinking when a woman was placed as the focus and the privileges they garnered. I could no longer resist the truth.


As of right now, I have been a year completely unplugged and constantly rewiring. The journey has not been easy but life’s greatest gifts are rewarded to those who go through trials and tribulations. However, I also recognize the blessing that has been bestowed on me by being exposed to these truths at the beginning of my adult life; my heart goes out to those in their 30s+ who have been dealt poor hands by life and have now come to accept these truths. But as with being a man, one must adapt to life accordingly and take everything he can.

In continuing to sharpen my masculinity, I felt the spark to contribute to the Manosphere that has empowered me, by highlighting personal observations and giving my thoughts on a eclectic range of topics from the perspective of a young Red Piller who resides in the Caribbean. I do not wish to give a step by step guide on How to Be a Man™, as I am not at such a stage to do so. My place in the Manosphere will simply be to give a perspective of a Red Pill man in the Caribbean – which has not yet been totally taken over by feminism and other new Western thought.