I began delving into Red Pill writing in 2014 from the urge to contribute, grow and help other young Red Pillers unplug from the Matrix. From absorbing countless knowledge from personal experiences as well as prominent writers in the community, It donned on me that there weren’t much writers to give red pill outlooks from the Caribbean and this further pushed me into getting here. My passions lay deep in psychology, philosophy, self-improvement, sports, spirituality and music. At some point or another, I will touch on each of the aforementioned but the degrees to which will be dependent on reason.

The purpose of Newly Sharpened at its core, is to highlight personal observations, theories and opinions and redefine them based on further research. As a result, I hope to spark intellectual thoughts and discussions for the reader as well as myself since I am still a work in progress.

Being that I am currently pursuing my degree, I endeavor to keep my level of writing at a high academic standard. However, it must be noted that I am still an amateur with regards to blogging so I ask for your consideration when reading my work. Additionally, due to my love for reading and high-quality work, I can promise that you will not have to endure unnecessary and quality-lacking ‘clickbait’ articles. Furthermore, the level of output I produce on the blog will be dependent on a number of factors which includes school, work and extra-curricular responsibilities. As such, please understand that I may not be able to produce as much as you may like but the level of quality in each article delivered will be satisfactory.